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There are many milestones in life but surely none are as important as their first birthday! Celebrate that first birthday with a memorable keepsake that will last them a life time and they will cherish forever. With a wide range of personable, unique gifts to choose from you will find something that will put a smile on the precious ones face for years to come.

A great way to set a young one up with a good start in life is to choose from one of our special money boxes which can personalised with the little ones name and birthday. Why not make the gift extra special by choosing from our silver range- you know this will be cherished long after they are old enough to look after their own pennies!

For something a little more cuddly and comforting why not select from our range of teddy bears which can also be personalised with they childs name on their t shirt. This is the sort of gift which can quickly become a big part of a child’s life and can often get dragged on many adventures with the little man or lady.

A personalised book is a lovely gift for any first birthday celebration. The book will be enjoyed by the little one as it is read to them time and time again and the story is sure to move with them through the years as they begin to enjoy the book themselves and are encouraged to enjoy reading by their involvement in the story.

Why not choose a gift that the family can also enjoy and choose from our lovely selection of keepsake boxes all of which can be personalised with the child's name and even date of birth. This is a great way for their parents to keep all the little things that are soon forgotten about such as first pair of shoes, photos and other special mementos from that first important years. You just know that the family will love to look through the box year after year.


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