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If you are looking for the ideal gift for someone who has less of a sweet tooth and often be found reaching for the cheese and biscuits then look no further!

Whether your gift is for someone who loves the traditional look of a wooden board or the more rustic feel of slate, we have something for everyone. With a wide range of boards to choose from and the opportunity to engrave your own personalised message the options are endless. Why not add your favourite couples name and a date to help them celebrate their engagement or wedding day?

Maybe they have just moved into their first home or have renovated their kitchen- these boards are versatile and can be kept on the worktop as a chopping board, used as a serving tray for drinks or nibbles, or simply used to tuck into some fine cheese and crackers.

Our ‘Perfectly Aged’ cheese board is a perfect gift for someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday but would appreciate a slightly unusual gift. When you have added your two lines of text you are sure to have a truly unique gift for that special someone.

With a choice of full sets which includes cheese knives, or a more simple cheese board you are bound to find something for any cheese fan or master of the kitchen here. This is the gift to make someone smile at the end of the day when they are tucking into their perfect after dinner treat.


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