Malteser Christmas Sweet Tree

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A Sweet Tree covered in Maltesers®, finished with green chocolate drizzle and mini smartie fairy lights.This handmade Sweet Tree will make a showstopping centrepiece for any Christmas table.

Perfect for sharing with friends and family after Christmas dinner, and the ideal gift for chocoholic Christmas-lovers. Edible to the core, the centre of this Sweet Tree is made from our secret recipe Belgian chocolate crispy crunch. Maltesers® are then stuck on by hand, one-by-one, using even more chocolate. This Sweet Tree is drizzled with Belgian white chocolate, turned green, and sprinkled with mini smarties to give it a real Christmas tree look. 

  • Personalise the glass vase with the message of your choice, handwritten in gold script
  • The vase is filled with more Maltesers – this is the edible soil in which the Sweet Tree is planted!
  • The Sweet Tree trunk is made from wood, so please do not eat this!
  • The trunk is set in the bottom of the vase using solid Belgian chocolate
  • Wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a satin ribbon
  • Lovingly bubble wrapped and sent in a made-to-measure box, ensuring that it arrives safely
  • PLEASE NOTE: This product takes 72 hours to produce from when your order is received
  • Available in 3 sizes: 25cm, 35cm & 50cm 

In case you haven't had enough chocolate by the time you have eaten the Maltesers and chocolate crispy core, we have come up with two ways in which you can eat the solid chocolate base -  pull the trunk to release the Belgian chocolate base from the vase. Hold the trunk upside-down and nibble the chocolate base like a giant chocolate lollypop or stir the chocolate into a saucepan of warm milk, holding the trunk and using this to mix the chocolate as it melts into the milk (adult supervision required). 

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